Organizations are under increasing pressure to manage security vulnerabilities, and the threat landscape is constantly evolving. Threat intelligence feeds can assist in this process by identifying common indicators of compromise (IOC) and recommending necessary steps to prevent attack or infection. The landscape of risk is continually shifting. Threat Actors are smarter than ever before and more dangerous than ever. Businesses must be able to react in real time to effectively protect against these disruptive attacks with the scale, pace, and complexity of today's global threat landscape.


Our Threat Intelligence combines outward-looking adversary intelligence with best-of-breed breach victim and machine-based intelligence for a full 360° view of proliferating threats before, during and after attacks. When implemented well, threat intelligence can ensure that you always stay ahead compared to the often overwhelming volume of threats, including methods, vulnerabilities, targets and bad actors. An industry leader in intelligent cyber-security, we enable transparent comprehensive investigation with advanced analytics like machine learning and artificial intelligence that are tuned toward specific behavior risk.

Raw Data into Actionable Intelligence

In order to fully understand the threat environment and detect emerging threats, Tracelay Threat Intelligence Platform combines data, analytics, and unparalleled experience to help companies prioritize their cyber defenses and defend against today's sophisticated attacks. It is important to understand how it functions so that you can choose the best tools and services to protect your business.

IoCs and IoA in the Real World

We focus more upon IoA the intent of an actor and how they perform attacks rather than that of IoCs. It is a strategic long-game function rather than the short term reactive IoC function of an intel program. IoA work builds out an entire context of a campaign and actor activities to influence focus and drive towards defensive measures to lower risk. When detect threat within an area, IoAs are touted as bringing quicker, earlier detection, better accuracy, and the ability to quickly contextualize threats. Although this is true and very likely due to the nature of the problem of intelligence integration and that of governance and sophistication within a larger organization, it is unusual to see it in the Most of the MSP SOC platform.


Tracelay Threat Intelligence Services monitors your external & internal attack surface to review threat actor activity taking place outside your perimeter.

Gaining insights into emerging risks with timely, actionable intelligence tailored specifically for your organization.