The Managed SIEM platform offer the core services of SIEM, such as security monitoring and incident response. We manage your infrastructure security Using the advanced SIEM tools or the one you already own, we filter out the false positives and look for lateral movement & defense evasion. You decide what works best. Hand all of your 24x7 SOC-style security operations over to us or work in a more collaborative model with our analysts directly extending your security team. Either way, you’ll know when we kick off an investigation and receive updates along the way. We find alternative to the On-Prem implementation, configuration and monitoring of a SIEM solution where a company contracts to host a SIEM program on its servers with a third-party service provider and to track the network of the organization for possible security threats. Organizations prefer Controlled SIEM to deploy quicker, reduce setup and training costs and utilize the experience of cyber security professionals for their corporate security needs.

Benefits that lead organizations to go with Tracelay platform?

We focused on enterprise security as their primary value driver. We hold a wealth of cyber security expertise that can be leveraged to enhance IT security for our customers.We are well-connected within the cyber security industry, including with other major security technology vendors. This gives us access to more tools, resources and expertise, along with the latest innovations and timely alerts about the latest detected threats.We offers a pro-active approach securing our clients from cyber attacks through effective setup and monitoring of security tools. Managed SIEM can give you peace of mind that your business security is being managed by industry-leading experts in our team.

Benefits of Managed SIEM?

The organization can leverage outsourced security expertise to help manage security operations and protect the business. You can reduce SIEM deployment costs and purchasing additional IT assets. A SIEM deployment can be expensive With Tracelay Managed SIEM service, organizations simply pay a easy monthly subscription. Easy Streamline daily security operations with access to expertise. Tracelay cloud-native SOC platform helps organizations of all sizes enhance their capabilities in IT infrastructure security monitoring, operational analytics and business intelligence. Our platform incorporates the features of industry-leading security technologies, including event monitoring, log analysis and incident response, along with high-tech extras like machine learning and big data analysis. Tracelay can be your first advanced SOC provider using Cloud-Native SIEM, replace a legacy SIEM tool and your traditional MSSP.


Reduce downtime and move from reactive to proactive monitoring.

With Tracelay Next-Gen Managed SIEM service get access to more tools, resources and expertise, along with the latest innovations and timely alerts about the latest detected threats