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SOC as a service is a critical process of any ‘defense in depth’ approach to information security. However, building an in-house SOC setup program can be challenging as security technology is becoming more expensive, and skilled talent is becoming harder to find. This is where Tracelay comes in. Tracelay’s mission is to help resource-constrained organizations of all sizes build an affordable enterprise-class security platform.


Tracelay offers complete installation of Security Incident Event Management services. Our specialists take pride in designing unique monitoring solutions that are customized as per Industry needs. We help you identify security threats and allow you to take intelligent decisions.

We will make a difference

Each customer is assigned a dedicated Cybersecurity Advisor, who becomes familiar with their client’s systems, processes, compliance requirements and security goals. The Cybersecurity Advisor provides technology management assistance, security best practices and works with a team of Tracelay's threat hunters and expert SOC operators in Tracelay Strikelab.Tracelay's Next Gen SOC gives you comprehensive, up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, visibility into security events, real-time incident notification and guidance to quickly address security issues. Tracelay's security experts become an extension of your team. You get time back to focus on other priorities. We monitor your systems outside of business hours for round the clock coverage. Tracelay's Next Gen SOC includes expert security engineers and threat hunters who aggressively ensure protection of your information and systems. If a breach is discovered, we give you field-tested procedures to quickly disrupt and contain the threat.No software to buy! Tracelay's affordable subscription-based SOC-as-a-Service reduces capital investments in costly dedicated security technology. Tracelay delivers exceptional return on investment (ROI) from day-one.Tracelay helps ensure you meet defined security and compliance reporting objectives for your teams and executives.


We began with managed security service & solution, yet we have a greater objective: to ensure everything is protected from sophsticated threats.


The Next-Gen SOC platform delivers advanced insights that prioritize the way SOC analysts monitor, analyze and investigate threats. SOC analysts use adavnced cloud native SIEM Insights to help speed their threat detection and incident response times. Organizations who modernize their SOC with Tracelay MEDR value with the unique capabilities: